Total Metal


Total Metal is a headbanging rhythm game. A custom built wig controller is strapped snuggly onto the player’s head, the player must then hit the notes of the playing song. Longer streaks of hitting notes and integrating side to side movement into the headbanging increases the scoring speed.

Created for, and winner of the “Move Your Body” Philly Dev Night game jam July 2015.

The original version used a smart phone in the controller to run the entire game, which lead to more weight and the destruction of the head mount over the course of it’s use. I’m currently working on a second version which will use a more lightweight sensor attached to the end of the hair and wirelessly communicating to a computer running the game. This will allow for scoring based on large swings of the hair and shorter bounces rather than just based on the movement of the skull. Also having the game run on a separate computer will simplify audio amplification and allow for visual feedback.