Populate the universe in Panspermia! Complete challenging gravity puzzles to spread life. Panspermia is the theory that life is spread throughout the universe by meteoroids, asteroids and planetoids. You are the Eye of Life, the agent of Panspermia, your goal is to pollinate habitable planets with your inoculated meteors by sending them as close to habitable planets as possible without hitting those planets and rendering them uninhabitable. Launch your meteor through complex solar systems to find just the right arc to colonize all the planets.

Panspermia was created for Ludum Dare 24 and the polished for the 2012 October Challenge by Camden Segal with no outside help beyond testing from all his friends and family. All sound effects are Camden’s voice making silly sounds squished and stretched and filtered till they are just the right weirdness.

Panspermia is available for PC, MaciOS and Andriod

Play the online demo