Devil Valley Masters

By Team MegaSweet
Aaron Segal, Art
Alison DeMartino, Sound
Camden Segal, Programming, Level Design
Melissa Hand, Writing

Devil Valley Masters is a combination coop and competitive game where two players sharing a keyboard compete to collect the most magnetic energy while cooperating to repair their damaged magnetic vehicle and defeat the villainous Starfish Prime. The players manipulate magnetic forces to draw in their color of magnetic energy while repelling their sibling’s color and grappling with the difficult movement mechanics of their rotating platform.

The gameplay was inspired by the playground merry go round’s dizzying effects and the cooperative play that happens when several kids are riding around in one and spun off from there(pun-intended). The players find the broken down merry go round and it turns on and takes them for a wild ride. The art style is a playful exaggeration of the overgrowth shown in the image with a bit of dizziness thrown in for good measure.

You can play the game here