Grave Maker

Grave Maker is a file deletion / memorial utility which deletes files and creates grave files (.grvs) in memorial. It takes the data of the file and finds a corresponding gray value to represent that file. Once you have memorialized your file with Grave Maker you can upload it to this site’s cemetery where it will be peacefully intered indefinitely.

Given a file, Grave Maker reads in every bit (1 or 0) of data from that file and averages all of the bits, giving a fraction of the file made up of binary 1s. This fraction is converted into a grey value between 0 and 256. Grave Maker then deletes the file and creates a new file with the .grv extension into which it hides the determined gray value.

Once this .grv file is created you can leave it be as a forever memorial on your drive to the former file. The file is extremely small (around 1 byte 1/1,000,000,000 of a gigabyte) so it will take up a virtually nonexistent portion of your drive space. If you want to publicly bury your .grv you can inter the files remains on this site by uploading the file. After uploading the grave will be visible in our cemetery.

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