Drizzlr emulates the water cycle using the data from files.


Using Drizzlr you can evaporate files from your hard drive into the Drizzlr Cloud.

Once chosen a file is slowly uploaded bit by bit over a course of seconds minutes or hours depending on the size of the file.

Each bit of the file is added to the cloud and intermixed with all the bits of other files.


When the Drizzlr Cloud reaches critical mass it begins to rain.

Each active Drizzlr Client begins to take bits of the cloud and store them in a local puddle.dzlr file.  This file comes to contain a random accumulation of bits of files that had been evaporated by all the users of Drizzlr.

Once the Cloud’s size is reduced significantly it stops raining and users can once again evaporate files back into the cloud.

The puddle.dzlr file can then be re-evaporated or it can be stored and added to again once it rains next.